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Zeelie Builders

Renovations and alterations

Often remodelling your existing home is a more feasible option than buying a new one. Any renovations or alterations, whether it is the addition of a stoep, the renovation of a bathroom, or the addition of a brand new master bedroom, this will provide much-needed change to your home and will add to your home's equity in case you decide to sell later.

Zeelie Builders offers exceptional job-site quality and affordable pricing and has access to the best possible prices on high-quality products needed for your project.

So when you're ready for a change - but moving isn't an option - contact Zeelie Builders.

Dependable and Honest

We have an excellent and permanent workforce that are highly skilled and unquestionably honest...

Since 1982

Zeelie Builders is a second generation family owned business that was started in 1982. Read all about the early years...

Townhouse developers

Our developments include Walker Gardens (in Sherwood), Karisma (in Fernglen), Robinvale and The Swallows (in Lorraine).